Eco Node

An Environmentally Aware Mesh Network

WINNER: Citrix Grand Prize

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About Eco Node -

Eco Node uses a live mesh network of 2.4 Ghz radios to relay information about local weather, plant conditions, water consumption to a usable database. Water consumption, system monitoring, and healthy watering systems to make an efficient system.

What we did -

  • Built three systems - Solar powered weather Station, plant watering, and water flow.
  • C, C++, Arduino - Created firmware for interfacing with barometric, water flow, rain sensors, humidity, heat index, soil moisture and sending the data packets via radio.
  • C++ Firmware for receiving radio, parsing the data, packaging into JSON objects and pushing to firebase. Bootstrap, JavaScript and Node.js on firebase's hosting service to display data and view graphs over time.

With these systems and many more to come, we hope to apply the reach of computational power to the real world. Eco Node is just one of the many possibilities supported by our affordable mesh network.

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